2625 South Greeley Street #105

Redcats Officers & Directors



James Swanagan



I have been with this organization for 27 years. I have seen hundreds of kids grow into self-respecting role models in and around our community. I look forward to continuing this great legacy that has been around for more than 60 years.



Jill Erdmann

VP of Operations


I became involved with the Bay View Area Redcats over 12 years ago when my children began to play in Redcats programs. I realized the

importance of parental involvement and volunteerism to keep the programs high quality and affordable. Now our children have 'graduated' from the Redcats programs, I have remained involved, and I am determined to see the Bay View Area Redcats continue to offer quality sporting opportunities to area youth for years to come.




Dawn Swanagan



I’ve became apart of the organization when my husband became a football coach when our son was playing.  Once we found the Bay View Area Redcats in the community, we were hooked and we felt the need to be apart of an organization that treated everybody like family.  Since then I’ve volunteered my time in any way that’s needed, as well as, helping to keep the league going, providing a place for our youth to find comfort by being apart of something to enrich their lives and grow up to be productive members of society.


Doug Erdmann


I started by "Flipping Burgers" for concessions when my son played football 13 years ago.  Parent volunteers help keep the program affordable. I joined the board as a volunteer in 2012 when my children graduated from the program.  All of us on the board are volunteers and we strive to keep the Redcats affordable and provide high quality program for local area children.


Malinda Erdmann

Voting Member

Andrea Navejar

Cheerleading Director

Baseball/Fields Director: