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History of the Redcats Organization

In the spring of 1974 the Bay View Branch of the Central Milwaukee YMCA was permanently closed. At the time of the YMCA's closing, many successful athletic programs were being offered by the YMCA. The Athletic Director, Ron Bird and several of the parents who had boys or girls playing on one of the existing teams, felt it would be impossible for their kids to travel the distance to South Milwaukee to continue playing in the programs. After many hours of discussion and planning, it was determined that they would form a private organization, the Bay View Area Redcats, Inc.

The Bay View Area Redcats were officially incorporated as a non for profit organization in the State of Wisconsin on June 3, 1974. On May 11, 1977 the final ruling was issued by the IRS affirming the organization's exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) of the tax code.

While the original purpose was to establish an organization to continue the athletic teams which were being run at the time by the Bay View Branch of the Central Milwaukee YMCA many new teams were added and the organization now services in excess of six hundred boys and girls from all corners of the Metro Milwaukee Area and is involved in tackle football, baseball, softball, basketball and cheerleading.

In 2011, Ron Bird Retired and turned over the organization to James Swanagan. He knew he could trust that Mr. Swanagan would carry on the integrity of the League and Our Mission. 


Our Mission Statement


It shall be the mission of the Bay View Area Redcats to:

  • Develop programs, teams, or groups that provide training, teaching, and participation for your boys and girls ranging in age 5 to 14 years; corresponding to grades 1 thru 8

  • Offer an opportunity to participate in organized athletic competition, including but not limited to tackle football, baseball, softball and cheerleading.

  • Provide a volunteer opportunity for adults to obtain coaching, training, and experience through a qualified certification program

  • Provide at all times an atmosphere of fairness and sportsmanship in which basic athletic skills can  be taught

  • Provide supervised activitiesin keeping with the organizations motto "keep 'em in sports, and out of the courts"

  • Provide a fair and equal opportunity for all boys and girls who desire to participate in any of the offered programs or events